Cosmo Casino Terms and Conditions

Once you have made the decision to start playing at Cosmo Casino, you need to understand the rules of the game. The following is a comprehensive look into the Terms and Conditions set forth by Cosmo Casino. By diving deep into these terms, we aim to offer clarity, ensuring you're well-informed before accessing our products and services.

General information

To whom the terms and conditions apply:

  • Whether you're a newbie or a veteran gamer, if you're accessing any products, software, or site of Cosmo Casino, these terms are for you.
  • It's imperative for all players to establish an account and make a deposit to avail themselves of the services.

Dissemination and use of the Agreement

For your ease and clarity, Cosmo Casino allows you to download a singular copy of their Agreement for personal, non-business-related purposes.

However, always remember what it is forbidden to do with the agreement:

  • Duplicate the Agreement
  • Design adaptations based on it
  • Distribute or showcase the Agreement publicly

All these actions can only be done after obtaining written consent from Cosmo Casino. Unauthorized usage is strictly against the rules.

Creating an Account and Engaging with Cosmo Casino

For any individual looking to enjoy Cosmo Casino's offerings, account creation and a deposit are prerequisites. By doing so, you're not only gaining access to a plethora of entertainment options but also agreeing to the terms set by the platform.

Language Specifications

While Cosmo Casino caters to a global audience and provides translations of its Terms and Conditions in various languages, the foundational and official version is in English. It is this English version that is the primary one for translation into other languages. This initiative ensures clarity and diminishes any chances of linguistic misunderstandings

Validity of each provision and continuation of its operation

  • In unforeseen circumstances where a clause of this Agreement is deemed invalid by judicial or regulatory authorities, it won't jeopardize the validity of the remaining terms. In doing so, we always seek to adapt an inoperative provision so that it reflects its original purpose as accurately as possible.
  • Cosmo Casino is dedicated to offering top-notch services. This means that they might introduce alterations to their products, software, or even website specifications. Such changes are subject to change without notice.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  • By navigating on and initiating an account, you're essentially signalling your acknowledgment and adherence to these stipulations. If you're uncertain about any of these regulations,it is recommended that you refrain from using our casino services.
  • Cosmo Casino upholds these terms as just and transparent. For any queries or assistance related to these conditions, or any other service aspect, the Casino Support Centre is always available.
  • Cosmo Casino holds the authority to modify or even eliminate certain parts of the Terms and Conditions without issuing any advanced notice. For the most current updates, players should make it a routine to check this section.
  • Cosmo Casino values its patrons and may also send email notifications regarding any significant shifts in the terms.

Cosmo Casino's Address

Entrusted under the esteemed management of Rock Swift Group Limited, Cosmo Casino stands tall at the 4th Floor of Water's Edge Building, Meridian Plaza, located in Road Town, Tortola, VG 1110, British Virgin Islands. Holding its license proudly from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Cosmo Casino operates under the license number 00884.

Financial Transactions and Advisories

  • It's worth noting that Cosmo Casino operates primarily as a gaming entity and not a bank. Hence, any funds parked in the player's account, be it active or dormant (find more about this under "Account Dormancy"), aren"t entitled to accrue any interest.
  • While the casino conducts a wide range of financial transactions, it does not provide players with any tax or legal advice.
  • Players with queries in these domains should ideally approach specialized professionals for guidance.
  • One stringent rule in place is against using Cosmo Casino for currency exchange advantages or what's known as 'arbitrage'.
  • Players found capitalizing on this will see their gains revoked without prior notice.

Casino participation in legal opportunities

  • Cosmo Casino maintains a strict age policy, refraining from catering to individuals below the age of 19.
  • Furthermore, the casino is empowered to run verification checks (be it electronic or manual) and demand authentic documents to ensure the authenticity of its players or meet regulatory standards.
  • The onus of lawful online gambling lies solely with the player, based on their residing country or jurisdiction.
  • While Cosmo Casino offers its services globally, it doesn"t encourage or endorse any breach of local or international gambling laws. Players are advised to acquaint themselves with their local laws to avoid inadvertent violations.
  • Any breach resulting from the player"s activities within the casino isn"t the liability of Cosmo Casino.

Understanding Your Cosmo Casino Account and Its Management

Creating an account is one of the main conditions to start playing at any casino. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with its basic provisions so that there are no problems with your account in the future.

Basic provisions for registration

  • For a seamless experience at Cosmo Casino, it's vital that every piece of information shared during the registration process be both precise and comprehensive.
  • To ensure this integrity, Cosmo Casino may require personal identification documents. Accounts found lacking in details could face suspension until validation is complete. For more insight into this, refer to the "Verification Procedure".
  • It's essential for players to keep their personal details current. For any changes – whether that be address, email, or any other personal detail – reaching out to the Support Centre is a must.
  • Moreover, players are permitted only one active account. If you're discovered with more than one, the accounts may face suspension and potential confiscation of winnings.
  • Misusing sign-up bonuses across multiple accounts is also frowned upon.

Account Security and Biometric Data

  • Cosmo Casino offers its users the privilege of choosing a confidential password. Every action on an account is deemed legitimate if the correct username and password, or biometrics, are provided.

It"s crucial to note that if you opt for biometric login, ensure only your biometrics are registered on the device. The responsibility for the accuracy and security of the biometrics lies solely with the player.

  • Players bear the sole responsibility for keeping their login details, both username and password, confidential.
  • Any activity under their account is their responsibility.
  • Cosmo Casino won't be held accountable for losses due to a breach of this confidentiality.
  • Disclosing account details to third parties can lead to account closure or suspension.
  • Rest assured, Cosmo Casino holds a pledge of not meddling in any unauthorized activity within a player"s account or their operating system.

Communication and Dormant Accounts

  • Players should anticipate communication from Cosmo Casino to their registered email, both for account activation and other essential information.
  • If you've opted out of Cosmo Casino's communications in the past but wish to re-engage, the Casino Support Centre is your go-to.
  • An account is considered "inactive" if there have been no bets, deposits or withdrawals for a long period set by the casino itself.
  • To ensure the player's funds' safety, any remaining balances may be removed within a span of up to 60 days.
  • While bonus funds will be forfeited, players can request a return of their cash balance after successful security verification.
  • Note that transferring funds between separate player accounts is strictly forbidden!
  • On Account Suspensions and Closures
  • Cosmo Casino holds the authority to either close or suspend player accounts at their discretion.
  • Valid reasons, inclusive of any unauthorized account activities, will be provided with a suitable notice.
  • Unauthorized account usage might lead to account termination.
  • If players notice any unauthorized activities or potential security breaches related to their account, they're urged to inform Cosmo Casino immediately.

For account closures or any related concerns, the Casino Support Centre remains accessible to assist.

Verifying Your Identity at Cosmo Casino

  1. Cosmo Casino may, at its discretion, request players to provide verification documents subsequent to deposits or before authorizing withdrawals.
  2. In certain instances, the casino might also necessitate the certification of these documents by a registered professional or Notary. Here's a snapshot of what might be requested:
    • Evidence of financial account ownership: This could be a glimpse of the physical card, a statement from the bank account being used, or relevant screenshots if online wallets or other methods are in play.
    • A legible copy of an authorized ID: Think along the lines of a Passport, a Driver"s License, or any government-issued identity card.
    • Proof of your residence, which can be a bank statement or a utility bill, as long as it's not more than three months old.
  3. It's paramount for all submitted documents to be crystal-clear and comprehensible. If they"re obscured, seem altered, or are deemed unsatisfactory for other reasons, Cosmo Casino will request additional documents until the player's identity is verified without a shadow of doubt.
  4. If there's a hint that a player has submitted doctored or misleading documents, Cosmo Casino won"t accept such submissions. Such discrepancies might not only lead to account termination but also result in withdrawal denials.

Please note that a withdrawal request may be pending until the casino is completely satisfied with the verification results.

Fighting foul play: Bots and Prohibited Software

For Cosmo Casino, maintaining a level playing field is of paramount importance. So to ensure player equality, here's what you need to know:

  • Сasino strictly condemns the use or exploitation of malicious software or any bugs present in the gaming software.
  • Manipulating the provided gaming software through unauthorized software or hardware is deemed illegal.

Any funds secured through these unfair means will be seized forthwith.

  • Operating a Virtual Machine is considered an intentional act to manipulate gameplay or deceive Cosmo Casino.

Again, gains accumulated under these conditions will be impounded.

Ensuring smooth operations at Cosmo Casino

At Cosmo Casino, we strive to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your gaming experience. Despite this, like any online platform, our casino is not immune to technical issues.

Here's a rundown of how such scenarios are managed:

  • Liabilities: Cosmo Casino won't be held accountable for any damages or losses resulting from issues with the casino software, such as operation delays, data corruption, or payment processing.
  • System or Communication Errors: Should there be errors in the generation of random numbers, bet settlements, or other essential components, Cosmo Casino holds the right to nullify all bets related to the affected games.
  • Malfunctions: If there's a glitch in the system, all wagers and potential payouts from the problematic game or service during that period will be rendered void. This covers various disruptions, including issues with operating systems or web browsers.
  • Wager Limits: Cosmo Casino can refuse or set a limit on any wager(s) as they see fit. If a stake is declared void, the amount will be credited back to the player's Casino account.

Importantly, only wagers accepted by the server are valid, and any site malfunction will invalidate all pays and plays.

  • Misuse of Errors: Players exploiting hardware/software glitches will risk having their accounts closed and might lose any deposits or winnings. All bets are void in case of a website system malfunction.

Supporting responsible gambling

Gambling, first and foremost, should be a source of entertainment. However, it can sometimes lead to addiction. At Cosmo Casino, we support responsible gambling by offering:

  • Cooling-off periods ranging from a day to 6 weeks.
  • Self-exclusion options that last for 6 months.
  • Setting deposit limits to curb excessive spending.
  • Referrals to organizations that assist with gambling issues.

For more information, players can visit our responsible gambling page.

Support and Conflict Resolution

We pride ourselves on our reliable support service. And here's what you need to know:

  • The Casino Support Centre is always on standby for any queries, disputes, or complaints.
  • If there's a dispute that remains unresolved, it will be forwarded to eCogra, an Alternative Dispute Resolution entity, whose decision is final after hearing all involved parties.
  • It's essential to note that any complaints or claims should be submitted within 6 months of the incident.

Offers at Cosmo Casino: Bonus for registration

For players who join us we offer a welcome bonus for registration, and here is a simplified information about the terms and conditions to get this bonus:

Eligibility and Bonus Allocation

This offer is available exclusively for those who are registering a new account with Cosmo Casino.

All the bonus money you receive will be credited as bonus funds, which means they aren't immediately withdrawable as cash but can be used for playing games.

Each deposit you make is treated as separate. Only the first two deposits you make are considered for this promotional offer. You can't combine multiple deposits to meet the bonus requirements.

150 Chances Offer Details

When you make your first deposit (which should be at least $10), you'll get 150 free spins for the game, Mega Money Wheel. Each spin is valued at $0.10.

Whatever you win from these spins will be added to your Casino account as bonus funds.

If you hit the jackpot prize on Mega Money Wheel, those winnings will also be credited as bonus funds. But, you can request to convert this specific win into cash by contacting the Casino Support Centre.

Remember, only the top jackpot prize can be converted this way. If you play with this jackpot win before converting, you'll have to follow the casino's wagering requirements, and any losses cannot be taken back. After conversion, you must adhere to withdrawal requirements specified in the Bonus and Cash Account Terms and Conditions.

Wagering Requirements

To avoid misunderstandings about the bonus and any winnings you might obtain, you'll have to meet the wagering requirements set by the casino. These requirements dictate how many times you need to play through the bonus money or winnings before you can cash them out.

Time Limit to Claim

After registering, you have a 7-day window to make your first deposit and claim this promotional offer. If you don't, Cosmo Casino may change the terms of the promotion.

Terms of bonuses and cash account at Cosmo Casino

  • Your casino balance is divided into two: a cash account and a bonus account.
  • The cash account can be withdrawn anytime, but doing so will forfeit any bonus funds left.
  • Bonus account money can't be cashed out directly but can be used for betting.
  • Before you can turn the bonus money into cash, you need to wager the bonus on your first and second deposit 200 times its value. For instance, for a $100 bonus, you'd need to wager $20,000 on a game with a 100% contribution.
  • For any accrued bonus from a third deposit or more, there is a 30x wagering requirement before being able to cash out.

Betting Mechanism

  • Before the third deposit: Wagers pull from both cash and bonus accounts proportionally, and winnings get distributed back in the same ratio.
  • After the third deposit: Wagers pull from the cash account first. If it's empty, it pulls from the bonus account.

Winnings Distribution

  • Before the third deposit: Winnings are credited proportionally to the cash and bonus accounts based on the source of the wager.
  • After the third deposit: Winnings from cash wagers go directly to the cash account, while winnings from bonus wagers go to the bonus account. If crediting winnings to the bonus account results in it exceeding the size of all bonus amounts, the excess goes to the cash account.
  • You can't "double up" in any game to meet the wagering requirements.
  • If you redeem another bonus without depositing after using a bonus, the wagering requirements carry over.
  • Different games contribute differently to the wagering requirement.

Wagering Contributions by Game

  • Slots and Parlor Games: 100%
  • Table Poker, Casino War, Sic Bo: 50%
  • Most Blackjacks (exceptions noted), Craps, Baccarat: 10%
  • Most Video Pokers (exceptions noted) and some Roulettes: 2%
  • All Aces Video Poker: 0%

Live Casino Games Contributions

  • Live Baccarat, Top-Card, and most Live Blackjack games: 10%
  • Deal or No Deal Live and Lightning Dice: 100%
  • Super Sic Bo, certain Live Roulettes, and some Poker variants: 2%

Terms and conditions of the promotion

Eligibility Restrictions

You can only participate in the promotion once. It can be: device, individual, household, family, physical address, email address, financial account, IP address, workplace, university and other defined categories. Double-claiming may lead to account closure and confiscation of winnings.

Promotion Exclusivity

Promotions cannot be combined unless explicitly mentioned.

They only apply to deposits and bets on Cosmo Casino.

Promotion Timings

Bonuses will be credited within a day. Weekend or monthly bonuses are credited the next business day.

Account & Payment Matching

The name on your payment method must match the name on your casino account. Mismatch can lead to voiding of winnings.

Modifications & Corrections

Cosmo Casino can change the promotions and terms anytime.

Any errors in bonus points, credits, or prizes will be corrected.

Unused Promotions

Unused promotional bonuses/prizes will be forfeited after 60 days.

Publicity Rights

If you win a significant amount, you might be asked for promotional events. Your privacy will be protected, but your name/initials might be used for announcements.

Promotion Source

Only promotions from the official Cosmo Casino website or from Casino Rewards (with a written invitation) are valid.


Cash prizes are credited directly into the casino accounts. Promotions for merchandise or cash may not include taxes or other associated costs.

Restricted Play

Cosmo Casino can limit the eligibility of players for promotions.

Suspicious activities, like exploiting promotions without serious intention to play, can lead to suspension of promotional offers.

"Irregular play" includes a variety of behaviors like placing large single bets, using the double-up feature excessively, and others. This can result in withheld withdrawals or confiscation of winnings.


Employees or immediate family members of employees, officers and directors at Cosmo Casino are not eligible to participate in promotions.

Payments and winnings

  • Promotions can be claimed only once based on various criteria (device, IP address, email, household, etc.).
  • No two promotions can be combined unless stated.
  • Efforts will be made to credit promotional bonuses within one business day.
  • Deposit account details should match with the casino account's registered individual; else, winnings can be voided.
  • Cosmo Casino can change the offer/terms at any time.
  • Casino reserves the right to correct any errors in bonus points or credits.
  • Unused promotional bonuses will be forfeited after 60 days.
  • Players who win significant amounts may be selected to participate in promotional events.
  • Casino might use player's first names or initials for promotional announcements.
  • Only promotions on the Casino's website are valid.
  • Materials from Casino Rewards are for the intended recipient only.
  • Players are responsible for any taxes or additional costs related to promotions or giveaways.
  • Cash prizes are paid directly to the recipient's casino account.
  • Casino may limit player eligibility for promotions.
  • Casino can remove offers from accounts, especially in case of violations.
  • Violations include misuse of an account to utilize offers, strategies to utilize multiple accounts, etc.
  • Definitions provided, including specific betting strategies and behaviors.

Payment and Winnings General Terms and Conditions

  • Players should be aware of payment and winnings terms.
  • Players must not deposit ill-gotten or illegal funds.
  • Casino reserves the right to confiscate funds linked to fraudulent activities.
  • Funds transferred between players or sourced from a common account are considered fraudulent.
  • Financial account names must match the casino account's registered name.
  • Players are responsible for having enough funds when making deposits.
  • Players whose deposits are repudiated will have their winnings voided.
  • Players should retain transaction records.
  • Casino may perform checks and ask for documentation from players.
  • Casino does not charge for deposits, but players might incur transaction fees from third parties.
  • Players are responsible for stored CVC codes.

Payment of Winnings and Withdrawals

  • Winnings are credited in the casino account's currency.
  • Players must specify the amount and method of withdrawal.
  • Withdrawals may have limits and be subject to currency conversion fees.
  • Fees are associated with Direct Bank Transfers.
  • Withdrawals might be paid back to previously used deposit methods.
  • Casino can deduct monies owed from withdrawals.
  • You can update your payment details at the casino or through support.
  • Withdrawn funds are held for 48 hours before processing.
  • Payout restrictions for large wins.
  • Payments have daily limits based on various factors.
  • Transfer times vary and are not under the casino's control.