Your Privacy and Personal Data

At our Cosmo Casino, we put player safety first. Because we realize that it is very important to provide a safe gaming experience. For this purpose, we use different methods to protect your personal data.

Gathering Personal Information

When interacting with our services, we may gather specific personal data such as:

Identifiable information: Your name, residential address, date of birth, and gender.

Communication details: Your email and phone number.

How We Manage Your Personal Information

Upon obtaining any personal data related to our users, we ensure:

  • Adherence to User Rights: Your data is managed with utmost respect to your rights.
  • Specific Purpose Collection: Data is acquired solely for specific, lawful purposes.
  • Security Measures: Information is safeguarded diligently.
  • Marketing Initiatives: We use the information for marketing, but you always have the option to opt out.

Instances of Information Disclosure

Cosmo Casino engages with financial institutions responsible for the account management of users. These institutions may be instructed to provide specific account-related information when demanded by Regulatory Authorities.

Moreover, to maintain the integrity of our operations, Cosmo Casino may:

  • Disclose personal data to governing bodies when mandated by law or governing regulations.
  • Share details with partners, especially AVS service providers, to detect and deter fraudulent activities.
  • Relay personal data if there are valid suspicions of discrepancies concerning a user"s casino account.

Customer Interaction and Promotions

Cosmo Casino actively uses personal data for enhancing the customer experience (CRM). However, users can easily unsubscribe from e-promotions by reaching out to our Support Centre.

Rectifying Inaccurate Data

Users hold the right to access and rectify their personal data if it's found incorrect or irrelevant.

Utilization of Cookies and ActiveX

The Cosmo Casino website integrates cookies and ActiveX for:

  • Recognizing user language preferences.
  • Improving website performance based on traffic analysis.

Ensuring smooth gameplay in our online casino environment. We promise:

  • Your personal or corporate details won't be sold, shared, or disclosed without proper consent.
  • Your data will only be used to send information if you expressly request it.

Policy on Verification

Registering with Cosmo Casino grants us the permission to carry out necessary verification. This could involve:

  • Requests for identification documents after deposits or before withdrawals.
  • Asking for additional data if fraud or money laundering suspicions arise.

For validation, Cosmo Casino might request:

  • Recognized identification (e.g., passport, driver's license).
  • A glimpse of the used card or deposit method.
  • Recent residence proofs like utility bills or bank statements.
  • If necessary, we may also require documents to be certified by an authorized notary.

Age Restrictions and Further Checks

Access to Cosmo Casino is restricted to those 19 or older. Violators will have their actions nullified, and potential winnings confiscated. Serious breaches might also be reported to the authorities.

Cosmo Casino could also inquire about a player"s intended gambling scope for verification. Any document submitted remains confidential and is retained for five years post-account closure unless regulations state otherwise.

We emphasize a risk-focused approach to limit money laundering, fraud, and illegal activities. Failure to validate a player's identity may lead to an account being frozen and withholding of payments.

ILABS Inc., on Cosmo Casino's behalf, might conduct a credit check for identity verification based on registration details.

Recommendations on the choice of advertising and contacts

The Casino Rewards Group discourages unsolicited messages. Only users who have explicitly shown interest are included in our marketing campaigns.

Unsubscribing from our mailing list is always an option by contacting our Support Centre.

For International Users

Note that the data we accumulate may be transferred and processed in foreign regions. These countries might have different data protection standards. By leveraging our services, users consent to the international transfer and processing of their information.