A Responsible Approach to Gambling

We strive to ensure that players approach gambling responsibly. We also encourage other casinos to do the same.

Responsible gaming isn't merely a catchphrase; it's an essential practice that ensures gaming remains a source of enjoyment, not a cause for concern.

As we delve deeper into the realm of gaming, it's paramount to strike a balance, fostering a safe environment where players can engage with awareness, control, and accountability.

Our commitment to responsible gaming is not just about promoting caution but about elevating the entire gaming experience. After all, true enjoyment comes when we play wisely.

The Importance of Controlled Gaming

For many, gaming is a pleasurable way to unwind and enjoy some leisure time. However, it's essential to approach it with a clear mindset and boundaries. A responsible approach ensures that gaming remains enjoyable and doesn't evolve into an issue that can impact your personal or financial life.

The main rules of safe play

  1. Budget Wisely: Always decide on an amount you're comfortable spending before you begin.
  2. Avoid Chasing Losses: If you are having a bad day, accept it and take some time away from the game. Trying to recoup losses can lead to bigger ones.
  3. Monitor Your Play Time: Be aware of how frequently and for how long you engage in gaming.
  4. Know When to Pause: If you're on a winning streak, it's wise to take breaks. Determine the optimal time to step away.
  5. Play for fun: Remember, gaming is not a financial strategy. It's meant for fun!
  6. It's All About Luck: No foolproof strategies guarantee winning. No strategy guarantees a win. Everything depends on chance and skills of the game.
  7. Set Spending Limits: Consider setting a maximum spending limit before you start.
  8. Stay Emotionally Stable: Avoid gaming when emotionally distressed.
  9. Diversify Your Activities: Don't let gaming be your only hobby. Engage in other activities too.
  10. Stay Sober: Alcohol or drugs can impair judgment. Stay clear-headed when gaming.

If you ever feel uneasy about your gaming habits or want a quick evaluation, our self-assessment test can provide insights.

For further information on problem gaming, consult resources like NCPG or Gamblers Anonymous.

Setting Deposit Limits

Players can easily establish daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits. Should you wish to personalize these limits, simply get in touch with our support team. However, remember, altering these limits requires a waiting period for your safety.

Selecting a break in play

For players looking to reduce their playtime or take a temporary break, our casino offers varied durations for gaming breaks, from a day to 12 weeks. This decision is reversible, but it involves a mandatory 24-hour cooling period.

Self-Exclusion: Taking a Step Back

If you believe you need a more extended hiatus, our Self-Exclusion feature can be tailored from a day to six months. Remember, once set, this decision cannot be undone. If you're unsure, it might be beneficial to seek guidance from gaming help groups.

To activate this, contact our support team. An email request, sent from your registered address, will be needed to confirm this action. If you opt for self-exclusion, consider applying it to all other gaming platforms. The Gaming Commission's platform can help streamline this process.

Memo on gambling for minors

Cosmo Casino strictly adheres to regulations against underage gaming. We reserve the right to validate age and may ask for verification documents. Minors detected gaming on our platform will face account voidance and potential legal consequences.

Tips for monitoring minors and help for parents

Parents seeking to limit children's access to gaming sites can consider these third-party tools:

  • Cyberpatrol
  • Cybersitter
  • Netnanny
  • Gaming Etiquette and Conditions

For a smooth and enjoyable experience, familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

Resolving Disputes

If issues arise, our Casino Support Centre is at your service. In unresolved cases, we defer to neutral arbiters like eCogra for final decisions. EU-based players can also utilize the European Commission's ODR Platform for disputes.